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*XL ONLY* Red Robot 'Magfest Expansion Pack' Edition T-Shirt

$10.00 - On Sale


In 2017 we embarked on a most excellent journey through the US with some of the finest Chip and VGM artists to ever power up a Gameboy! On the heels of Magfest, it was dubbed the "Magfest Expansion Pack" Tour and these 'Red Robot" themed shirts helped us commemorate the ride!

But now that ride is over... and we've still got a lot of shirts left (oops). Lucky for you, our folly is your gain as these bad boys are now priced to move!!!

So get your very own Magfest Expansion Pack Tour 2017 shirt today if:

- You went to one of the shows but forgot to buy a shirt!
- You went to one of the shows but couldn't afford a shirt!
- You didn't go to one of the shows but want to fool your friends into thinking you did!
- You want to fashion it into some manner of torso-shaped pillow companion!
- You're a fan of shirts! Red shirts!

Only a handful of each size remains, so act fast!

Black ink on red, uh... shirt. A cotton shirt, probably. Maybe a mix. It's not wool, though, I can tell you that much for sure.


  • XL - 50% in stock